Cloud Solutions


Managed Cloud Services

Welcome the Cloud with Confidence

Verge Innovation specializes in cloud services, which means we have the expertise to help you build a cloud strategy that perfectly aligns with your business and its goals. What’s more, our consultants make the implementation easy to enable critical business outcomes, cloud management and optimization, and ensure savings, security, and agility.

Salesforce Implementation & Consulting

We’re Ready to Help with Any Salesforce Project!

Yes, We Do That Too!

Verge Innovation has dedicated SharePoint developers who improve productivity and cultivate better collaboration in the workplace, encouraging communication and efficiency. The best part? Our goal is to give you the most cost-effective solutions with rapid integration. We create intranets, portals, document management systems, contract management systems, learning management systems, ticketing, helpdesk systems, and more from scratch to finish safely, securely, and successfully.

What You Can Expect

Faster, More Responsive Processes

The cloud is faster, offers more functionalities and capabilities, and has a low cost of failure. This means you’ll have more advanced capabilities – like IoT, AI, and advanced analytics – that would otherwise take longer and cost more.

Optimizes Efficiency and Costs

Instead of spending hours managing data center assets, your IT team can instead focus on initiating even more innovation integrations. Through the cloud, you can streamline your operational processes, provision new resources quicker, manage and scale costs, and eliminate time-consuming hardware maintenance.

Our Four-Step Approach

Moving Up is the Only Way

Once we’ve established your migration map and you have a clear idea of the road ahead, we can start with the fun part – getting everything on to the cloud. Don’t worry, our experienced and certified cloud consultants will get it done with speed, precision, and a commitment to security
Adopting new innovations and technologies can be an overwhelming experience – especially if you’re new to cloud technology. We are well aware of the need for successful processes, which is why we make absolutely sure your migration is completed in a timely, predictable, and fast way.