verge innovation

Verge provides a full suite of innovative Cloud Services that are rapidly implemented to meet customers’ changing mission and business needs.


Whether you run a fast-paced startup or are an established company looking to streamline your business processes, our consultants have impeccable credentials with thousands of hours in business skills and high achievers in technology.


The Agile Methodology is our approach; it anticipates change and allows flexibility for solving problems our customers face. 

Meet and Plan

Verge understands that the customer is the cornerstone of our business; this is why project planning is a collaborative practice which differentiates us from the rest

Design and Develop

Understanding the needs of our customers through in-depth analysis allows our SME’s to begin the design and development process

Test and Evaluate

As with any solution, it’s imperative that it works as designed, therefore evaluating and testing is a must throughout the entire life cycle

Support and Transition

Verge values our customers by taking the time to listen and adjust their support and transition strategy accordingly


What People Are Saying

"We've been working with Verge for more than two years now, and it has been a very positive and productive experience for me and the growth of my business. Verge has been a trusted partner and always willing to help resolve the most complex of issues with our CRM system. The quality of the services received has been exceptional, and I would recommend them to any size business."
Erika K.
monique Daniellebh consignment
"Verge adapted to our environment and plugged into our processes, instead of us having to plug into theirs. They took the time and effort to understand how we do business before implementing a solution that met our needs. This is how a partnership should be between two entities working towards the same goal."
"As the CEO, I have a lot to manage with minimal resources. Honestly, I didn't think that the training would be affordable to us as an SMB, not only was it affordable but we loved the format of the training, and the content was very informative. As a result, taking this cyber awareness training allowed our users to become more empowered to manage complex passwords and were made aware of the risks of SPAM and scams."
Manwell B.
Connectivity Concepts, LLC
"The data models created by Verge's analytical team enabled us to target our retention efforts and take immediate action to retain at-risk clients. The insights from their analyses also enabled us to make strategic decisions which boosted customer lifetime value."  
Phillip V.
JCTG Government Business Services
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