Security Awareness Training


Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training Built to Educate & Protect

“End-users are your greatest asset, yet your most significant risk is securing your data, processes, and network.”
The best way to ensure your IT systems are secure, is to familiarize your employees with all the security protocols. Security awareness knowledge empowers both your company and employees to perform cybersecurity best practices at work and home.

But how do you create security awareness?

Buckle up, because security awareness and phishing solutions just got a whole lot easier…
Verge Innovation has over 2,000 security awareness resources and phishing simulations specifically aligned to your employees’ unique learning styles. This ensures they grasp the importance and best practices of cybersecurity easily, quickly, and with confidence.
All of our training efforts are role-appropriate, which ensures each individual employee understands their role in maintaining cybersecurity in their department.

We are committed to helping organizations like yours to upskill and certify their security teams and awareness.

We’re here to make practical instruction fun with cyber security training.